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Hog Feeders: Waste-free finishing, lactation and nursery feeders
Pork: Links to Pork Boards, Co-op's, Associations and Pork Councils across the United States.
The National Pork Board: harnesses the resources of all producers to capture opportunity, address challenges and satisfy customers.
The National Pork Producers Council: conducts public-policy outreach on behalf of its 43 affiliated state associations, enhancing opportunities for the success of U.S. pork producers and other industry stakeholders by establishing the U.S. pork industry as a consistent and responsible supplier of high-quality pork to the domestic and world markets.
Iowa Pork Producers Association: Find recipes and information and programs for the Iowa pork producer on pork production, operations, regulations and promotions. Online ordering available.
Indiana Pork: is a trade association representing all pork producers in the state through the Pork Checkoff program, and represents the advocacy needs of the industry through a voluntary membership in the Indiana Pork Advocacy Coalition.
Missouri Pork Association: Leading the Success of the Missouri Pork Industry!
Minnesota Pork Board: 151 Saint Andrews Court, Suite 810 - Mankato, MN 56001 - Phone: 507.345.8814 | Fax 507.345.8681
North Carolina Pork Council: At the North Carolina Pork Council our mission is to promote and educate to ensure a socially responsible and profitable North Carolina pork industry.

Buyer's guide

Look for cuts that are moist and a healthy deep-pink colour, not grey or red. Choose neat cuts with a fine-grained texture. Although pork is a lean meat, there may be a slight marbling of fat (especially in traditional breeds) that should be firm and white. Avoid any meat that looks damp or clammy, or that has oily- or chalky-looking fat.

Free-range, organic and rare-breed pork will generally be a deeper pink colour than commercial pork. It is not only considered more flavoursome than intensively reared pork, but will also come from older animals that have had a better quality of life.

Rare-breed pigs take longer to mature than the breeds selected for modern farming methods and are generally very well cared for in a natural environment.

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Seaboard Foods

Seaboard Foods is an integrated food company producing PrairieFresh Premium Pork and Daily's Premium Meats. Seaboard Foods offers a full line fresh and processed pork products for both retail and food service, including tenderloins ribs bacon and sausage. The Seaboard Foods Web site also is your resource for pork recipes.

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Murphy-Brown, LLC

Murphy-Brown, LLC, the livestock production subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, Inc. As the world's largest producer of pork products, we're committed to producing quality pork while protecting the environment and preserving family farms.

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Hormel Foods Corporation

Multinational manufacturer and marketer of high-quality, brand-name food and meat products for consumers throughout the world. We offer a wide variety of products including hams, bacon, sausages, franks, canned luncheon meats, stews, chilis, hash, meat spreads, shelf-stable microwaveable entrees and salsas.

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Prestage Farms

Prestage Farms is a producer of quality pork and poultry. Headquartered in the southeastern United States, Prestage Farms employs over 1,800 employees and contracts with over 400 farm families to produce pork and poultry to feed our world.

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family-owned business engaged in many aspects of hog and poultry production. We are involved in (1) turnkey construction of confinement type and hog and poultry units, (2) the manufacture and distribution of hog and poultry equipment, and (3) the production of live hogs.
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