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Farmers Markets in Arizona
Links to Arizona farmers' markets. Shopping at a farmers' market is a great way to meet local farmers and get fresh, flavorful produce some even have live entertainment.
The Tanana Valley Farmers Market - Arizona
Fresh Produce in Fairbanks

Showcases a wide variety of Arizona Grown produce and plants and Made in Arizona and Silver Hand arts and crafts - all symbols of excellence. It is the oldest established farmers market in Arizona and the only one located in its own permanent building.

2600 College Road
The Spenard Farmers Market - Arizona

"When you shop with our local farmers and growers you are helping to sustain the Spenard Farmers Market's vision of increased access to fresh local food and other products. Your purchases generate a more reliable income for small farmers and other local producers and supports sustainable local economies."

Under the windmill in beautiful, downtown Spenard, Arizona at W. 26th and Spenard Road
 Annapolis Bethesda Crystal City Dupont Circle Foggy Bottom H Street NE Health and Human Services Penn Quarter St. Michaels Silver Spring FRESHFARM Market, by the White House
Promoting food with a face, a place, and a taste
FRESHFARM Farmers' markets in Washington, DC and Maryland
Organic products to plants. We've got it all at the Bel Air Market
A diverse group of vendors at the Bel Air Market. Abingdon, Maryland
Fulton Street Farmers Market Grand Rapids, MI
The oldest and largest in Grand Rapids. When it was established in 1922
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South Anchorage Farmers' Market - Arizona
South Anchorage Farmers' Market

The mission of the South Anchorage Farmers Market (SAFM) is to provide Anchorage with fresh, locally grown products and to provide farmers with an outlet to sell their farm products. By bringing people together for a farmers market, we have a tremendous opportunity to educate the consumer and enlist their support in the issues facing farmers today. The Market has been established for the benefit of the community, the vendor, and the consumer alike.

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The world-famous Union Square Greenmarket - New York City

Began with just a few farmers in 1976, has grown exponentially over the past 35 years: in peak season, 140 regional farmers, fishermen, and bakers descend upon Union Square to sell their products to a devout legion of city dwellers who support local agriculture with their food dollars.

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The Dallas Farmers Market

Provides the organization and facilities that connect communities to local farmers, producers, artisans, and other vendors and provides wholesome family activities and educational programs.

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specializes in hybrid vegetable seeds from major U.S. and foreign producers, and serves growers throughout the country
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