berries at the idaho berry farm
full line of fruits and vegetables from the industry's best growers and packers. Apples/ Pears:  For Red and Golden Delicious
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  non-profit, educational farm based in Ester, Idaho. We provide hands-on education to Fairbanks school children and community members through our education programs. Our diversified farm operates as a CSA to feed a number of local families through the growing season. This web site provides introductory information on all our programs, volunteer and membership opportunities, and our future plans.
Pick-Your-Own-Farms in Idaho
Links to Idaho's pick-your-own farms for everything from apples, berries, fruit, pumpkins, vegetables to cut-you-own xmas trees!
Swore Farms - Family Owned and Operated - Idaho
What to expect:

Bring your whole family to search for that great pumpkin! We have pumpkin wagons ready for your convenience. After you pick your pumpkins out, you can weigh them and check out at the garage or the greenhouse during our open hours.

U-Pick Red Barn - Idaho

Its a wonderful experience for school kids, families, special clubs and interests of all kinds! Come and pick your own anytime. We count on people being honest. We believe that most are, so come and pick. Pick n' Pay at the box by the barn door marked "Pay Here".

Over 19,000 farmers in the United States sell their produce at farmers markets
Find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your state, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies.
Great Country Farms Bluemont, Virginia
Join us for a family pick-your-own day!
Blueberry Ridge Orchard - Wisconsin
Over 7 varieties of blueberries, peaceful, tranquil atmosphere
Villa del Sol, Leona Valley, CA
The Largest U-pick Sweet Cherry Farm in Southern California.
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Apples and Cherries - Idaho
pick berries idaho

How 'Bout Them Apples! Orchard... If you've never tasted crisp, juicy apples fresh from the orchard, you are in for a real treat. You'll absolutely fall in love with them, and your taste buds will be spoiled forever. Please come and enjoy picking our wonderful Red Delicious and Golden Delicious Apples while you take in a fantastic view of the beautiful Emmett Valley.

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Carver Farms - Idaho
pick berries idaho

How about a virtual tour of Carver Farms? Carver Farms is a family owned business that provides u-pick and picked fresh fruits and vegetables. Visit our Harvest Schedule or call (509) 226-3602 for up-to-date information about ripening schedules, picking dates and school/group tours

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Isom's Fruit Farm! - Eastern Idaho's largest Honey-Crisp Apple Orchard, Located in Blackfoot

We offer an educational tour at our orchard for school, scout and church groups. The tour lasts approximately one hour, and includes an educational presentation, short walk through the orchard, a brief demonstration about bees, how the apples are harvested, and how the cider is made. The tour wraps up with questions and answers and then homemade hand-dipped caramel apples are served for the students to enjoy.

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